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As a food and health enthusiast, we have noticed several food trends rise and fall through the years. Out of the many, only a few trends are backed by a scientific explanation and facts. However, the one we are going to talk about today has been thrown from the black to the white areas so much that it's scientific standing and importance has become a grey one.

The term gluten and subsequently its intolerance, first rose to prominence during the 1940's when a dutch pediatrician noticed the improving conditions of some sick kids due to the decrease of wheat and gluten in their diet .

And later, after much more research this gluten intolerance came to be known as celiac disease, an autoimmune disorder. This is where an affected person's immune system attacks its own intestines when there is presence of gluten in the body. 

The cause of this disease is believed by some professionals to be both genetic and an environmental influence as well. Along with that some believe the causes to be major emotional stress, pregnancy, childbirth and even viral infections.

The obsession with going Gluten Free

Now the question arises , how did a disease end up becoming a trend? When did it start?

It might surprise you to know that one can be gluten sensitive while medically never being positive for celiac disease. In other words, that person suffers from non celiac gluten sensitivity. The term was first coined and published in the 1980s, leaving medical professionals confused due to the lack of awareness about it .

Fast Forward to 2019, when the misinformation about a gluten free diet started rising. 

For a little perspective, gluten is a generic name given to proteins found in wheat rye, barley etc. All forms of wheat contain gluten, though just because a product is Wheat-free doesn't mean it's gluten free as other grains contain gluten as well. 

With people having celiac disease and ones with non celiac gluten sensitivity, comes a third position of people, highly misinformed and influenced by the media. These people are neither diagnosed with Celiac or NCGS,  but still live a gluten free life under the false pretence of health benefits.

While the people in the first two categories can have life threatening consequences of consuming gluten in extreme cases, the third group avoids the protein to 'lose weight , fatigue, joint pain and more'. 

But what a lot of these people don't realize is that going gluten free without any valuable scientific explanation can do more harm than good.

With the influx of celebrities going gluten free to keep their health in track, all the masses followed along in blind pursuit.

Shayna Komar, a registered dietician based out of India, stated that if one cuts out gluten and doesn't have celiac disease or NCGS,then they can lose vitamins and minerals vital to their food plan.

So to conclude the above, cutting gluten without intolerance will reap no health benefits and inturn, cause more harm.

As per 2014, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, a food manufacturing company is not required to disclose the presence of gluten in their products as it isn't one of the eight major allergens. Wheat does fall under the eight categories and labelling foods as gluten free is completely voluntary. However, the labeling of this product, if done should be in a clear manner so as to prevent harm to its consumer's health. Throwing light to those who can not consume gluten , grocery shopping turns into reading an endless amount of food labels. But we, at Bliss Tree, realized the increasing need to cater to all those who have celiac disease; which is an estimated of 7% Americans and growing; making the grocery shopping experience a little easier. We understand your struggles and want you to reap the benefits of healthy living while realizing that you as a consumer deserve to know what you eat and buy!!


At Bliss Tree we like to look out for our dear patrons and the environment too !

Our gluten free multi millet jaggery cookies are your one stop for lip smacking and highly nutritional snacks! With no added colours, preservatives, additives and emulsifiers (like all our products) the multigrain millet drink mix-gluten free, is the perfect way to start your day!

Along with that, we also have gluten free Ragi vermicelli high in antioxidants...perfect for a good breakfast lunch or dinner!

Standing by our desire to cater to people with all types of lifestyle and food needs, we also have an array of other snacks for all those people who have decided to cut off their gluten free diet after reading this or are just looking for a new pantry staple. From Banana Chips to Chilli Murukku and much more!

We also believe in giving back to the environment and community, working with selected farmers across India who practice natural farming methods,  and supporting sustainable living.

We are registered with DHAN Foundation; SEED, Madurai and Thulir Trust, Kanchipuram, constantly aiming at promoting a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.

Believing that "Pure Food is Pure Bliss", we would be honored to cater to your healthy living eating needs!

By Debox Consulting Private Limited


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